Online Giving

Ways To Give

  1. Give Online: Complete the Online Giving form.
    a. If you create an account, your banking information will be securely saved.  Then, you can SIGN IN with a password to make your donation.
    b. If you choose not to create an account, click on GIVE NOW.

  2. Text to Give:
    a. Send text to (361) 808-4144
    b. Enter the dollar amount you want to give and click send
    c. Click send
    d. Follow the link
    e. If you already have an account just sign in
    f. If you don't have an account just click the "GIVE NOW" link.

  3. Secured Drop Box. Bring your financial offering to the church and place it in the secured mail box that drops inside the church  building.  

  4. Postal Mail. Mail-in your financial offering.