Ministry Goals and Evaluation

Ministry Leaders,

There are two ways to complete your form.
1. Complete online.  Upon submission, form will be emailed to church office and a copy of the form will be emailed to you.
2. Download a PDF copy of the form here.  Fill it out, make a copy for yourself, and deliver a copy to the church office.


Here is a very practical guideline to follow in setting THREE (3) goals for your ministry.

a. Specific: A specific goal will usually answer the five W’s (What, Why, Who,  Where, and Which). Writing specific objectives fleshes out your goal so you can easily identify what you want to accomplish.
b. Measurable: If your goal isn’t measurable, there will be no way to know if  you’re making progress. You need to address the question, “How will I know when this is accomplished?”
c. Attainable: Your goal must be something that you can realistically attain.
d. Relevant: If your goal doesn’t mean anything to you, then it isn’t worth pursuing. Tie your goals to the mission of St. John. Make sure you are behind the goal 100% so you stay motivated to achieve it.
e. Time Bound: You need to have a deadline. Otherwise your goal is just a dream that never becomes reality. Putting down a deadline makes you more committed to bringing it to fruition.

Goal 1: To have every member of my ministry actively making disciples who make
disciples using the One on One with God curriculum by (date ).
Action Plan: (How you plan to achieve the goal)
- Develop a roster to determine who in my ministry is actively participating by (date).
- Contact every member who is not actively participating and connect them with a discipleship group by (date).
-Contact every member the 3rd week of each month to check on their active participation.

I pray this helps you in setting goals for the ministry you are leading people to Love God,
Love People and Make Disciples.